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I came to a hook today because the dentist power wasn’t out so dad ask did I want to come and I said yes. I came to your room about 3 times didn’t knock because I knew you wasn’t there because usually your door would be open. Only because I came to school because I thought I would see you but have stayed at home. What time did you leave today? Some of us need help with our laptops login like ally,raynija, and jay. Fake Daughter Love you

I Just Figure

Since your leaving the classroom and a woman is going to be our new teacher I wanted to ask you this question. It might be a little crazy but I want her to know how much I meant to you so she want get the wrong idea and I might become good friends with this teacher idk. Would like to tell the new teacher about me it really would mean I lot to be? That’s if you’re willing to. I might be become friends with her my 2nd favorite teacher. Only if you’re ok with telling her because I don’t think you got it last time when I ask and I don’t think you answer this either do Lauren get mad because she thinks you tell me to much? Love, you Fake Dad


Everybody knows that people have wishes but kids like to wish more in life. Well I have a wish and this one wish is all I want because I don’t really wish that much in my life. I will never change my wish till I know it won’t come true. My wish is to meet my favorite basketball player in the world my favorite basketball player is Stephen Curry from the golden state warriors. I want to meet Curry because he motivates me to do better. My first year of 6th grade basketball was good but it wasn’t always like that. I could feel what I was doing wrong so every day I would watch his games and he didn’t always have good games. Stephen Curry says that some of his game motivates him do better in the ones that are coming up. I know my basketball player put something on his shoes that say ” I can do all things” and every time I see that I push my and just focus on my self and just focus my game and the way I play. Basketball isn’t the thing I want to do in life but while I’m still in school I plan on to play. While I’m on the court I will continue to do me and always look back at Stephen Curry can do. Can some people least comment on it

Having Fun In School

I’m having fun with MTV friends and teachers but one of my teachers wasn’t there to have fun with me. You said you would always be there at ceremonies and awards things but you wasn’t there for Honors Day to see get my name call first or cheer me on like you say. I loved seeing you yesterday it was good for me before I left I was going to say I love but I’m going to see you Friday. I miss you a lot though but one thing that felt so funny was that I didn’t even notice that you were gone Tuesday or Wednesday. When I clean my locker yesterday and as I was opening you wasn’t there to mess me up or to play with me but I look ¬†at our notebook that we had wrote in and went to one page. That page when you said you hold me dearly in your heart I just couldn’t be stop picturing because you gave me a hug the next day. As I look through it I remember the days when we wrote those and I remember the memories we had. Can’t wait to see you Friday though. Love Fake Daugther but Love You Fake Dad

I know you heard me say stuff about Kyla and I know you care about her too but that’s my problem not yours I know you a teacher that helps people with problems but you can’t help me with this one I’m sorry I’m really am. Sometimes I be mad at myself because it’s the these I choose.


I’m Mad At You

First I had fun with you and all but after that fight I was mad. You told tony he need to stop talking shit for he get his ass beat don’t never ever say that to one of my family members because if he I did I would have jumped in. You don’t never say that say about other people when they get into the fight so don’t say it now don’t never say it. All this drama in middle school and all y’all do is fuse and try to give us a lesson it doesn’t work like that. You really hurt me sometimes and I think we should give this a rest for right now till I get ok with you. If you wanted to write tony up did why didn’t you y’all put it like tony started my family means the world to me so don’t nothing on them if they didn’t do it ok